Google Wallet For Android Users

Google wallet is an application specifically designed for android users. It stores information on debit cards, credit cards, coupons, offers, reward cards and loyalty cards. This enables the user to transact online, buy in stores and send money. In a nutshell, your smartphone works like a wallet where you store all cards information and update the necessary changes when the cards have been altered. Your personal details are secured using your personal pin used for transaction and lock screen of the phone. The application is so secure such that you can easily disable your mobile wallet when you lose your phone. Payment details is transmitted through near field communication (NFC) and thereafter, the transaction records will be displayed on the phone.

Advantages of Google wallet

The most beneficial aspect of the Google wallet is that it saves time and money. It is also a flexible means of transaction since you do not have to carry all your financial documents with you. It also reduces the risk of losing money through impulse buying or theft since all your transactions are done online. There is also notification about sales and purchases.



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The only demerit of the Google wallet is that it only supports android tablets in the USA only. There is also the issue of security. Google wallet is susceptible to hackers who may tamper with users’ finances.

How to activate credit card

Install the Google wallet application in a NFC compatible android phone. Enter the account number, card details and other personal information required. This information is then verified by Google with the credit card company. You can then activate the card via email.

Transacting with Google wallet


Transacting with Google wallet

Open the Google wallet application and activate the credit card of your choice. The phone should be placed at most two inches from the receiver- which is the equipment to read NFC chip in your phone, for the transaction to occur successfully.

Near field communication

Mobile wallet is possible because of Near Field Communication technology. NFC works like bar codes in stores. Phones with NFC chips are placed in contact with the receiver devices and the transaction takes place.

In case your phone does not support Google wallet application or it does not have an NFC chip, then you can create a Google wallet account online. The following forms support the Google wallet application:

Android Nexus S smart phone, Samsung galaxy s 111, Samsung Axion, LG viper 4G LTE and LG Optimus Elite.

Adoption hindrance

The reason why Google wallet application has not been fully adopted is because most smart phones do not have an inbuilt NFC chips and most commercial stores have not invested in receiver equipment.


Despite the application not being very widespread, it is worth noting that it has captured the minds of their competitors Apple who have made it their initiative to incorporate the NFC chip in their gadgets. Furthermore, Google is trying to make it possible for people to use Google wallets application by partnering with mobile handset companies to provide this service.

5 Ways To Flirt Elegantly And Effectively

Flirting is a common way to see someone’s reaction when they are being approached by strangers or someone they have already known. It is basically the first step in the art of seduction. Lots of people have tried this – either they fail miserably or they can successfully achieve their goal. Some failures happen because they don’t really know what to do and they always start with the cheesy technique and line – a very big mistake. There are actually some techniques that they can try, if they want to pay attention.

Choose a Target and ‘Attack’

First thing that people need to do is to choose a specific target. Whether they are in line for the concert tickets or they are taking another class after work, they need to choose a particular subject. Instead of picking up cheesy line, they can start up innocent questions that are related to the activities they are doing at that moment. For instance, if they are in the same class, they can ask about the subject or ask whether the target has taken down some notes. Or if they are standing in line for the ticket concert, ask the target about the band. Who knows, by the end of the day, they can watch the concert together!

Be Confident and Make Eye Contact


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Being confident is very important in flirting. Being confident and arrogant are two different things. When people are confident about themselves, it means that they are comfortable with themselves. Such positive aura is contagious and other people can see this. It is important to be confident and always make eye contact with the target. Not only the target will feel appreciated, he/she knows that the person they are facing with has positive attitude and aura.

Smile is Always the Best Weapon

Smile is one of the most effective ways to get the target’s attention. It doesn’t mean that people need to smile all the time. Just throw in some smiles when it is necessary. It will make them seem nice, friendly, and cheerful. It also makes them look as if they were enjoying the talk. Just be themselves and be sincere about whatever they are talking about. If it turns out that the target is dull and boring – it is visible from the way he/she is communicating – then what’s the point of continuing the conversation, anyway?


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Also keep in mind to avoid body contact. Stay away from touching – despite how light it is. Other people may have wrong ideas about body contact, especially on the first time meeting. Use other ways to show them that they are interested – smiling, paying attention to the details of the conversation, listening seriously to whatever the target says – but hands off!

Other method to try is to keep everything light. Talk about the same common interest – the subject of the study or the concert – but try to steer it away to learn more about the target: what he/she does, what is he/she interested in, and such thing alike. Don’t go too far to personal issues; just keep everything casual.

If people are able to do these, they can be sure that the target will give them his/her number and will ask for their numbers in return. Who says flirting has to be cheesy and complicated, after all?

Avoid Injuries By Invest In Quality Workout Shoes

How to choose the best work out shoes? This is a frequently asked question among persons that wish to take part in a particular exercise. The type of shoes that you wear during a physical activity has a direct impact on the benefits that you will derive from the exercise. For example, if you wear the wrong type of shoes, chances of getting injuries are very high and this may compromise your health and fitness.

Here are some proven tips on how to pick the right workout shoes.

Know your exact foot size: In order to meet the diverse clients’ needs, shoe manufacturers design their products in different sizes. Choose shoes that fit your foot size correctly so as to avoid injuries such as muscle strains that could occur if you wear uncomfortable shoes.

It should offer maximum protection to the foot: The best workout shoes have inner soles made from high quality cushion materials that help to protect the entire foot including the toes. It is recommendable to choose shoes that offers maximum protect to your feet especially if you intend to take part in various outdoor exercises such as hiking.


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It should be well aerated: Accumulation of moisture inside the shoe can cause discomfort as well as fungal infections. Hence, it is recommendable to choose shoes that are well aerated. The best models are made from high quality perforated material that is not only durable but also effective in promote inflow and outflow of air as you exercise.

It should offer maximum grip: Most accidents that occur during a physical exercise results from slipping. You can avoid this by investing in a quality pair of shoes whose outer sole has wave patterned grip threads. The sole should be made from high quality rubber material that is well known for its durability. Shoes that have stiff soles are the best since they offer maximum stability and protect to the feet from rocks, roots and thorns. For example, stiff soles shoes are perfect for cycling since they do not exert too much pressure on the leg joints.


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Choose a shoe that is comfortable and light in weight: That is, the selected shoes should accommodate your entire foot. But, it should not be too tight or loose as this could predispose you to various injuries. It should allow the foot to move natural and still provide maximum protection. The selected pair should also be light in weight so as to facilitate movement. Heavy shoes are more likely to harm your leg muscles than light shoes.

Made from high quality material: Workout shoes are made from various materials depending on the specific needs of the customers. Choose work out shoes that are made from high quality materials such as leather so as to save money that could have being spent on a new pair every now and then.

Finally, purchase workout shoes from suppliers that are well known for their top quality products. The shoes should be affordable and in line with your budget.

Tips On How To Get Rid Of Your Bad Credit Card Habits

The acceptance of plastic money by the society is largely responsible for making credit card debt prevalent. Credit cards are most invaluable when it comes to making payments because they are easy to use and convenient. However, their misuse has become prevalent among most cardholders. These cardholders usually end up in trouble because they develop bad habits when using them. Fortunately, being more organized when it comes to the management of your finances can help you to get rid of these habits if you are one of these cardholders. All that you need to do is to follow a few simple tips.

How to stop bad credit card habits?

1) Take charge

Controlling your spending needs a lot of courage and hence, you need to motivate yourself in order for you to get rid of your bad credit card habits.

2) Avoid making late payments


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You will have a bad credit history and incur additional charges if you do not make timely payments. You could make a direct transfer to the credit card every month from the account that you use for your daily transactions in order for you to stop this habit. You can use Internet banking to set up this direct transfer. You will never incur any charges for making late payments since you will be sending payments on all your balances automatically.

3) Do not exceed the credit card limit

You will get a bad credit report that will make it hard for you to obtain any kind of loan in the future and you will incur charges for going over your limit if you exceed it. You should therefore check your balance on a regular basis in order for you to stop this bad habit. You can use the Internet or phone to do so. In some cases, your online statement may fail to reflect purchases on the same day that you make them. Hence, if you know that your remaining credit may not be enough, you should not use your card.

4) Avoid overspending

Many cardholders and especially those that have the urge to shop without controlling themselves face a common problem of overspending. They usually end up with serious financial problems because they make a mistake of considering credit cards as free money. You should therefore try to use your card only when you need to because this is the best way for you to avoid overspending. In order for you to get rid of your credit debt as soon as possible, you should pay off all the balances and use the card in a responsible manner.

5) Settle for the maximum amount of payment


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You are more likely to pay more than the cost of the items that you purchased if you stay for a very long time without paying your debt. You will not get out of it if you pay off the minimum payments that are required. Paying off all your balance so that it will not attract any interest fees is the only way of stopping this habit.

Staying away from credit card debt is not easy because it is difficult for you to control your spending. However, you can easily stop your bad credit card habits by setting specific goals and using them to motivate yourself.

Five Top Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Freelancer

There are lots of occasions when hiring a freelancer can be the best decision you can take in order to have your project finished in time, while still staying within your budget and not compromising about quality. Yet, you’ll also hear about lots of cases when this entire “hire a freelancer” thing became a nightmare for the business owner. And all these horror stories have something in common – the employer was doing one (or more) of the following five mistakes.

First mistake: Hire the cheapest freelancer

There is an old quote that says that “you always get what you pay for” which is as true in the freelancing world as it is in the day by day world. A good freelancer, who is able to deliver quality work in a timely manner, is probably not lacking work requests so they are not willing to work for dimes. As a general rule, yes, hiring a freelancer for a project is cheaper than hiring a company, but it is not (much more) cheaper than half of the standard industry price. So if a price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Second mistake: Don’t ask for portfolio and credentials


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Yes, when you work with freelancers, you can’t run a full background check on them. And, to be honest, you don’t really care if they are working from an office, from their home, from their parents basement or from the beach, between two parties. But you do care if they are able to successfully complete your project in a timely manner. So feel free to ask them for credentials, portfolio, and feedback from previous customers; any serious freelancer would not mind that. And, if possible, do not just trust them, but check out with one or two of those previous customers to see if they are indeed saying the truth.

Third mistake: Don’t set milestones

I know that one of the main reasons why you’re hiring a freelancer for your project is that you don’t want to have to deal with the work they are supposed to do. But the truth is that things may go wrong sometimes and there is a risk that you’ll come to the deadline, just to find out that the project is not completed or it is not exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why the right thing to do is to set milestones over the course of the project and review them regularly. This way, if things go wrong, at least you have a chance to get back on track or, in the worst case, back off from the project and find a new service provider.

Fourth mistake: Share your true deadline with your freelancer


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One problem that even the best freelancers are facing is staying within their deadlines. And the reason for this is that, many times, they just tend to take more projects they can handle and just fall behind the timeline. Also, if they have to take a day off, there is no one to back them off. That’s why is a wise thing to presume that your freelancer will fall the deadline (statistically, they do fail with around one day for every week the project is taking) and just negotiate with them a shorter deadline – like if you need a project done in five weeks, negotiate to have it completed in four weeks.

Fifth mistake: Don’t use an escrow service

Paying a freelancer upfront is a clear no – it’s not just the risk that you will just loose your money, but also the fact that the freelancer will be less motivated to finish the job in time and deliver a top quality product when they were already paid for. On the other hand, just promising to pay them at the end of the project, is not a really smart idea either (although it may look so), because since they have no guarantee they will get their money, they may treat your project less seriously. The solution is to use an escrow service, where you pay the money upfront (so the freelancer knows you’re serious about the project), but they only get them at the end of the project (so you know that they’re interested in delivering a quality job).

Yes, it is true. There are wonderful stories about freelancing, as well as horror stories about it. But remember, it’s only up to you if yours will be a dream one or a horror one.